This photo is NOT mine, It was found on the internet.

If theres one thing Spanish people know, it’s how to party. No seriously America, they put us to shame. They begin what we would consider a “pregame” around 11PM-12AM and […]



I’ve neglected to post as much as I would have liked in this past month. I’m  a chronic procrastinator… what can I say. So lets rewind and reflect a bit […]

No Hablo Inglés


Day 2 in Madrid–I’m already faced with navigating the city on my own. The goal? get to Murcia, which is about a 4 hour train ride away. All I had […]

& so it begins


Sitting in a terminal of Philadelphia’s airport awaiting my name to be called for my flight, making small talk with anyone thats willing. I ask where they’re headed with a […]

48 days

Saying goodbye to cleveland

For those of you that may not know me, I’ll begin with a hello. My name is Nichelle, I’m from Cleveland Ohio, and I study at John Carroll University. This […]