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If theres one thing Spanish people know, it’s how to party.

No seriously America, they put us to shame.

They begin what we would consider a “pregame” around 11PM-12AM and only even consider leaving home around 1AM. And at one you’re thinking, “Time to go out right?!” Wrong. You then head to a bar or pub to casually have another drink or two and around 2AM if you’re feeling up to it still, you finally head to a disco (yes they call clubs here discos). I really wish that I could describe to you, the experience of a discoteca, but honestly the experience ranges depending on which you decide to indulge in.

I’ll attempt at giving you somewhat of an idea with my experience at one of the most well known Discos

The infamous, biggest, and most flashy of them all, Kapital. Now when I say indulge, I mean it. for starters, the entry fee for the 7 floored mad house of sin, is 17€ (for my American friends reading along, about $20 more or less). If you’re lucky that 17€ includes a drink, but some pay even 22€ without a drink to enter. Insane. 

At first hesitant to spend such a large amount of money on a disco, I complained and considered choosing a more reasonably priced place to dance the night away. But after some encouragement from friends I decided to find out what all the hype was behind Kapi.

I arrived around 1:30ish on a Saturday night, and walked into a full, but definitely not at capacity club, though it wasn’t long before every floor was crawling with people. The main dance floor was pretty large with a huge stage in the front of it that had a DJ mixing a lot of music you’d probably hear if you were in a club in the states. I still don’t understand why people in this country like the song “cheerleader” so much. Although when you’re dancing in a disco you aren’t paying too much attention to the quality of music. If its got a beat, you can dance.

If you choose a good night, which luckily I had, Kapital is without a doubt worth the money spent. Not only is is 7 floors, each floor playing different music but its nonstop entertainment. All night somewhat burlesque like girls performed and danced, with a DJ mixing. They also had a Djembe drummer playing along with nearly every song, which personally was amazing to me. The Djembe holds a special place in my heart considering my grandfather plays the instrument, so of course naturally I walked up to the stage, reached up, and drummed along as much as he’d let me. I couldn’t tell what surprised him more, the fact that I was bold enough to walk up and begin drumming, or the fact that I actually knew a thing or two about the instrument. At some point I was dared to jump up on stage. Can anyone guess if I did? I mean…I’m only 20 once right? So I jump up and began dancing on stage, but was very quickly told to get down. The rest of the night was filled with balloon showers, confetti, leis, cirque du soleil performances in the middle of the dance floor and mas bailando!

After dancing to the point of exhaustion in a mass of spaniards doing the same, the group that I came with and I decided to venture up to the 2nd floor. Same music was being played, but it was a bit more calm, if you can even use that word for a place like Kapi. A girl from my futbol team and I began dancing, when I was rudely interrupted by some guy who’s opening line was:

“You’re Not Spanish”

From his ever so obvious British accent, I could tell he wasn’t either. But unpleased with everything about him I retorted

“oh? & how do you know?”

in which he replied

“Spanish girls can’t dance like that”

(Side note: Spanish girls kill it on the dance floor so idk what he was on about)

I laughed, but only because this guy could not have thought that any of his lines were anything more than obnoxious.

“I’m not leaving this club tonight without your number” he remarked.

I laughed again at his arrogance and at the fact that he truly thought he was getting anywhere. After having more than enough of his harassment, in attempts of escape I told him that I would take his number down instead. Sorry guys, if a girl has ever said this to you, it’s her polite way of saying she’s just not that into you.

Even though he wasn’t satisfied with that reply I finally got him to leave me alone, and was able to enjoy the rest of my night. Around 5:30AM it was about that time to head home. The Metro, which is Madrids subway system, closes at 1:30AM & reopens around 6AM.

So what do you do with your spare half hour before you’re able to find your way back to your flat? thats right.


“whats Recena?” I can hear you all asking.

RE-CENA. Cena means dinner. Re means again. So the word literally translates to “re-dinner”. Its a word used by people in Madrid to describe the meal after you go out. Its after Dinner but before Breakfast, and let me tell you is it probably the best meal.

Making the decision to have a night out in Madrid is quite the commitment, be prepared to stumble into your flat as the sun is coming up, and make sure the only plans you have for the next day is sleep & recovery.

From my experience, discos are a sure night of fun, although I’d much prefer it to be a once every so often affair. I would much rather hit a cute bar with some good friends, you get better music, better conversations and cheaper drinks.

Never stop exploring,

Nichelle xx



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