I’ve neglected to post as much as I would have liked in this past month.

I’m  a chronic procrastinator… what can I say.

So lets rewind and reflect a bit shall we?

The last we “spoke”, I was enjoying my time on holiday with a friend that invited me to her beach home for a week. I spent my first week in Spain enjoying sunshine, and the mediterranean sea. Life was (and still is) a dream.

Although once I was back in Spain, it was back to business.

The day after I returned was our exchange student orientation, where Hundreds of exchange students, all nervous and eager poured into the business school that sits near center city. I remember it feeling very similar to any first day of school I’ve ever had. As I anxiously glanced around at the other faces that surrounded me, trying to figure out who to meet and where they were from.

“I want to meet everyone” is all I kept thinking. So many different cultures all brought together in one room. But it was mission impossible. Seriously. So I accepted the fact that I would just have to go with the flow of things, and meet as many as I could.

Fast forwarding, I eventually found an amazing group of students. The group consists mainly of Swiss and French students who were my true first friend group here. Before classes started we spent just about everyday together.

I could write paragraphs more about each and everyone of them honestly but instead I’ll just leave it at a thank you to them, for being so lovely and genuine from the very first day.

It’s funny, when you’re so far away form home, you create your own family of sorts. I like the one that I’ve chosen so far.

never stop exploring,

Nichelle xx

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