& so it begins


Sitting in a terminal of Philadelphia’s airport awaiting my name to be called for my flight, making small talk with anyone thats willing. I ask where they’re headed with a smile, they smile back and reply – “Denver” – “Phoenix” – “Belgium”

Everyone’s anxiously awaiting their flights, desperately in search of a functional outlet to charge their quickly dwindling iPhone batteries. They all return the question & I repeat the same thing I’ve been saying for weeks, “I’m studying in Madrid, I’m excited, but extremely nervous”.

It all slowly starts to settle in–I’ve been counting down for this day for 300-some days–and here I am. In 55 short minutes, I board a plane that takes me to Madrid Spain. “You’re going to have the time of your life” seems to be the most common response when I tell people of what my future holds, and dear god pleaaaaase let them be correct.

Do you ever get that feeling of “what the hell have I gotten myself in to?” …because thats pretty much whats been running through my head all day. But I will take all of the good, and all of the bad from this life changing experience that I am about to endure, and grow stronger and better as a person from it all. Adios Estados Unidos, I’ll miss you but its time for me to write a new chapter, meet new people, discover new places, eat weird (but hopefully delicious) things, and see what else this world has to offer me.



48 thoughts on “& so it begins

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